Instrument and historical object collections

thumb pirmasis-gregorio-sistemos-teleskopasA section of the 18th-century reflecting telescope made in England and given to the university observatory by the Lithuanian magnate M.K. Radziwill (1702-1762), showing the gift label and turning mechanismThis collection has about 75 objects from the 18th-20th centuries. Among the highlights are ritual objects from three Lithuanian Masonic lodges and instruments from the old Vilnius University Observatory. The ritual objects include: goblets (2 with lids), candlesticks, plates, squares, and a trowel. Besides Masonic symbols, they also have symbols of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – the Lithuanian coat-of-arms Vytis [the Mounted Knight], the columns of Gediminas, and the crown of Vytautas.
Among the old observatory artifacts there are: a passage instrument and quadrant made by Jesse Ramsden of London in the mid-18th century; brass and wood reflecting telescopes from the 18th century; a visual photometer made by Friedrich Magnus Schwerd in Germany in 1868; a 19th- century orrery by the German maker Friedrich M.E. Schotte; and, a 19th-century sky globe with a colored star map. These objects are on display in the university library's "White Hall" together with a couple of terrestrial globes from the 17th and 18th centuries.